FKT: Peter Bakwin - Mt Sanitas (Boulder, CO) - 2003-02-22

Gender category
Route variation
12 hours of laps
Finish date
# Laps
Total time
11h 56m 22s

Bakwin did 16 laps in 11h56m22s, beating Paul Pomeroy's previous best of 14 laps.

He reported as follows:

Due to various circumstances (and weather!) I decided to run
the InSanitas 12-hour yesterday, a day earlier than originally
planned.  Since the Illustrious Po was only able to do the run
on Sunday this would mean running alone all day.  But, the
weather was great and the trail was in good shape.  (Paul told
me last night he still plans to run today, and I'm certain he
would appreciate any company!)

I had planned to run the 12-hour last December with Paul, but
broke my clavicle 2 days before.  15 laps seemed like a marginally
achieveable and logical target -- 50 miles with just about 20,000
feet of gain.  Paul had come close with 14 laps in 11:29.  So, 15
laps was the goal.

In his 12 and 24-hour runs Paul has always run clockwise -- up the
South Ridge and down the East Ridge and Valley Trail.  This certainly
seemed like the fastest way to go, since you have excellent downhill
running on the Valley Trail.  Over the last couple of months I have
been running a lot of laps of Sanitas, and have concluded, suprizingly,
that it is faster to go counter-clockwise as long as you can 
comfortably run up the Valley Trail.  So, I did my first 12 laps in
this direction.  The running time of each lap was 42-44 minutes, with
some additional time for aid stops at my car by the picnic shelter.
After 12 laps I could not face running the Valley Trail any more, so
I switched direction and my times were a bit slower.

I carried a pack with 2 bottles and stopped for aid only every 2-3

I kept waiting for the inevitable slow down.  At about 13 laps I
began to think that 16 was actually in the realm of possibility.
But, I was really worried about the possibility of completing 15
with, say 45 minutes to go and having to decide whether to try to
really hammer it for 16.  So, I kept pushing and completed 15 laps
with 54 minutes to go.  Though I was very very tired at that point
I knew 16 was doable, and backed off the effort for the last lap.
Result:  16 laps in 11:56:22 !

Here are my splits:
 1  42:50
 2  43:00
 3  44:24 *
 4  42:08
 5  42:35
 6  45:58 *
 7  42:19
 8  42:17
 9  45:29 *
10  42:37
11  43:39
12  49:23 *
13  45:46
14  47:26
15  45:51 *
16  50:41
Laps 1-12 were CCW, laps 13-16 CW
* = time includes an aid stop at my car