FKT: Peter Bakwin - Sanitarado (Boulder, CO) - 2011-06-04

Route variation
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Finish date
Total time
4h 59m 42s

Five days after his FKT run on the Sanitarado with Mike Priddy , on 4 June 2011, Bakwin did the Eldoitas route TH-to-TH in a time of 4h59m42s. He started at the Fowler TH in Eldorado Canyon, and finished at Linden Ave instead of the Mt Sanitas TH. His splits are:

Eldorado 0h52m
S. Boulder  2h35m
Bear 2h46m 
Green 3h25m
Flagstaff 3h46m
Sanitas 4h45m

Bakwin's report follows:

Buzz kindly dropped me at the trailhead. I got started a bit after 7AM. Having just done this a few days ago I was able to use a more efficient route up Eldorado Mtn - I just ran up Rattlesnake Gulch all the way to the RR tracks, and then 'shwacked west to the north ridge. This goes well. I got back to the Fowler TH in 1h30m. Things went well from there. Oddly, I was on Bear in exactly the same time as Priddy & I did in the other direction! When I got to Green I thought sub-5 hours might be possible, but it seemed I needed to find a minute or two somewhere. Anyway, I made the effort and did manage to get to Linden just seconds under 5 hours. I decided to go to Linden this time because it felt more like a "traverse" than running back down the south ridge of Sanitas, but it takes very close to the same time either route. This day was definitely a concerted effort for me.