FKT: Sara Aranda - Sycamore Rim Trail (AZ) - 2023-10-16

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1h 59m 12s
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On Monday, October 16, 2023, I began from the northeast trailhead at 9:26 AM local time and ran the loop clockwise. The day was already warming up, so any section with shade was extra wonderful. Overall, the land was really impressive with striking cliffs, open vistas, and gentle forest. It was neat to see the changes from more desert-like flora to alpine flora. The trail lives up to previous testimony as being very rocky! At times, the trail isn't so obvious or there are spurs that seem like the right way -- I lost count of how many times I got off-trail, but thankfully I had my watch navigation going with the route pre-loaded to correct myself as quickly as possible. Despite having to stop and navigate here and there, I'm grateful to have finished the loop in under 2 hours (barely!). Besides spooking some elk on the way up to KA Hill, I didn't run into anyone at all. I carried my own water and nutrition and managed to not Superman on the trail (though there were two close calls). I'm glad I was able to visit such a beautiful area. I'd love to come back and scope out the trad climbing in the canyon! ;) This FKT effort is part of a fundraiser that I am holding over the next month for ReNew Earth Running. Details can be found via my Strava post. Cheers.