FKT: Sara Aranda - Utah Triple Crown (UT) - 2021-09-17

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Total time
10h 54m 1s
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On Friday, Sept 17th, I started at the Henry's Fork Trailhead around 6:26 AM. I summited Kings Peak at 3h 47m, South Kings at 4h 23m, then Gilbert at 7h 56m, finishing back at the Henry's Fork Trailhead in 10h 54m. This was my second attempt at the route. My first attempt was back in July with my friend Matea and we got caught in a hail storm, during which I lost my phone and simply gave up trying to move fast after that! So I was happy to give it another go, and the route didn't feel any less challenging! Moving quickly across loose talus is just not my forte, so this record will surely not last. There was surprisingly a lot of water still, even more water than back in July in some areas, like the approach to Kings and up the gully to Gilbert. Didn't see any moose this time, either, but the aspens were turning. Absolutely stunning land and a very remote endeavor for sure.