FKT: Sara Aranda - Wind River Peak (WY) - 2022-08-05

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8h 21m 31s
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On Friday, Aug 5th, I started at the Sheep Bridge Trailhead next to the Worthen Meadows Reservoir at 6:09 AM. Opting for the loop version of the route, I summited Wind River Peak in 4 hours and 26 minutes and began my descent off the southern ridge to Tayo Lake, then exited at the Stough Lakes Trailhead (same parking lot as Sheep) in 8 hours 21 minutes and change. The day turned out to be so stunning. Scattered clouds kept the heat at bay and the wind levels on the summit were so mild compared to the last time I visited the Peak (during my High Route experience). So absolutely beautiful. Spooked some elk in the early morning and was also completely swarmed by mosquitoes while refilling water from a lake outlet, ha, but these mountains are so special! There were three main water crossings sans bridge or hop-able rocks (all located on the descent from Tayo and on), so prepare for wet feet if you also choose the loop. I did the route solo and didn't see very many backpackers, surprisingly. Why I chose the loop is due to wanting to experience new-to-me terrain, since, as I mentioned above, I'd ascended Wind River Peak from the Middle Fork Trail back in 2019. Again, so stunning and so grateful. In my summit selfie photo, I am holding a ReNew Earth Running top-turned-banner, as I am on their running team and am also currently fundraising for them (