FKT: Sarah (Ports) Connor - Mohawk Trail (CT) - 2020-09-13

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5h 21m 48s
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I ran the Mohawk Trail as part of the Mohawk/AT Loop, and started about a half mile from the north end of the Mohawk. I included a picture of the split I took on my watch at the first Mohawk sign (4:15) and the final one (5:26.03) for the total time on the Mohawk Trail. A few short sections are a little overgrown and there are some recently fallen trees, but overall the trail has seen a good amount of traffic this summer and is in better shape than I expected. The weather was perfection. Had a water drop stashed ~12mi in, which I placed on Johnson Rd before sunrise. If hadn't been doing the whole loop I probably would have done without the water drop, but it didn't slow me down much and allowed me to run with a lighter pack.

Some women could beat this time while still going for the loop time...but it would definitely be advantageous to go for only the Mohawk Trail time OR the Loop time... going for both isn't ideal in terms of pacing, but it worked out for me on this day. :) If I come back I'll probably just aim for one at a time.