FKT: Scott Eugley - Evan's Notch Loop - 2022-07-08

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7h 44m 35s
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Evan's Notch is a notable notch in the White Mountains with a rich history. The notch is located in Maine, about a mile or less from the New Hampshire border and is the eastern most notch in the White Mountain National Forest. Route 113 passes right through the notch, sandwiched by Speckled Mountain and East Royce Mountain. Route 113 was originally logging trails through the mid to late 1800's, before it was abandoned in 1904, and turned into road by the Civilian Conservation Corp in 1936, connecting the towns of Chatham and Gilead. 

The notch is directly surrounded by 8 prominent peaks, 5 of them in New Hampshire and 3 in Maine. South Baldface, North Baldface, Eagle Crag, Meader, and West Royce mountains in New Hampshire. East Royce, Speckled, and Blueberry mountains in Maine. 

The goal behind establishing this route was to efficiently summit all 8 peaks surrounding the historic notch, avoiding road as much as possible, and in a loop-style fashion. While not as popular as the more western Carter, Pinkham, and Crawford notches, I believe Evan's Notch is a hidden gem in the White Mountains and offers spectacular views and some really great trail running.