FKT: Sigi Iro - Central Park - Lower Loop (Park open to close) - 2023-11-12

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14m 49s

With this first attempt, I would like to encourage people to run this challenge unsupported. I did not have time for a longer run, but I will do the real full day challenge next time when I am in NYC. This time I wanted to run the full central park loop and this lower loop. Unfortunately, I could not do more than one lower loop as I had to go back to work.

Weather: sunny, about 5 degrees Celsius at the start

Trail: thousands of runners, walker and tourist on the track as it was a lovely Sunday morning.

Fun factor: running on this loop is just fun: amazing atmosphere and great running sprit. For me this is the real central running place on earth.


Editor: 1 loop achieved unsupported.