FKT: Stephanie Kröll - Berliner Höhenweg (Austria) - 2020-08-01

Route variation
Standard route
Gender category
Start date
Finish date
Total time
20h 18m 28s

start: 31.07.2020, 22:00, Europahaus Mayrhofen, 25°C night

finish: 01.08.2020, 18:18, Europahaus Mayrhofen, 27°C sunny

main summer project, pretty warm temperatures, but good to cope with it, great sunrise at Schönbichler Horn, amazing views and very technical parts along the whole route. 

Running through the night was pretty exhausting, but also fun. My favorite part was the downhill from Schönbichler Horn to Berliner Hütte & the "7-Schneide-Weg", the hardest part was the downhill from Lappenscharte to Kasseler Hütte.

I was supported by members of our Mountainshop Hörhager Racing Team, who exchanged along the track, so that I always was accompanied from at least one guy. Big thanks to my racingteam-buddies, Mountainshop Hörhager, my family and friends, and all the lovely people at the huts, who refilled my batteries with tasty food!