FKT: Tom Heylen - MTB route Seppe Odeyn - 2022-11-06

Route variation
Standard route
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Total time
4h 40m 27s

Second attempt (missed the small loop last time). Next year this route will be a race, so it's only temporary. 

Food/drinks: 3 bidons 500 ml PH1500 (if I had another flexible bidon I'd have brought it along), 2 PH gels of 90 g, 2 Maurten gels, 1 guava block en 2 candy bars. Not really enough, but ok to complete. 

From the start the calves hurt uphill, but that completely went away after a while. Since there wasn't enough nutrition to go full out, and this is a test for longer distance, I never pushed, just focused on keeping a pace that wouldn't result in collapsing at the end. The last uphill parts were much slower due to the lack of energy.