FKT: Trevor Rokosky, Ashly Winchester, Jason Hardrath - Lava Beds National Monument Traverse (CA) - 2020-05-03

Route variation
Standard Point-Point
Gender category
Mixed-gender team
Finish date
Total time
5h 13m 56s

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Trevor had been wanting to try his first OKT for some time, asking Ashly and I if he could find something of his own classic enough or join us on one of ours. So we agreed to take him out to Lava Beds National Monument for something we had been cooking up for awhile. Ashly and I had been learning from the experience of Lynne Caikoski as well as the resources included in the route description to put together the longest stretch of point to point “moderate” caves possible for this experience. We wanted a set of caves you couldn’t simply run through (like Sentinel) but not something people could get lost and stuck in (like Catacombs). I think we nailed it here! (Hercules Leg - Juniper, Blue Grotto - South Labyrinth to the road, Thunderbolt entrance to Labyrinth) It was Awesome and Challenging!
Mad props to Trevor, he a big chested dude with a giant red beard ( is his insta-handle, if that helps you understand) so mad props to him facing his claustrophobia and powering through over a mile of caves that didn’t always allow you to be on your feet then muscling through a massive bonk on the Lyons Trail, all en route to his longest run ever...OKT earned brother, OKT earned!
If you travel for this FKT, make sure you stay to casually check out the other caves...its some pretty awesome stuff.
Ashly and I agree, we will each be back to try this one Solo!