FKT: Tyler Andrews, Chris Fisher - Tres Cruces Traverse - 2024-03-11

Route variation
Full Traverse (LOOPED)
Gender category
Start date
Finish date
Total time
18h 36m 56s

On Monday, I completed the first ever full traverse of Nevado Tres Cruces with my good friend @ChrisJFish.

Only 86 days earlier, I had surgery to remove a non-cancerous bone-growth from my heel.

The 3CT was one of the challenging days of my life and others have already called it "the most impressive, ambitious, and demanding day ever completed in the Atacama."

I could -- and will -- write a lot of words about this day, but here are a few quick highlights.

- Watching sunrise and sunset on opposite sides of the mountain

- Summiting the gnarly South Peak (6760m) from the almost-never-climbed South Face

- A huge second wind on the way up the Central Peak (6620m) and amazing resupply from @ErinTon

- Exploring new ground between the Central and North Peaks, including some insane glacier shapes

- Trauma-bonding w/ Chris as night fell and we were both totally worked on the final stretch

Overall, this was a dream-come-true day. I absolutely could not have done it without Chris, whom I'm very grateful popped into my life at the perfect time.

Thanks as well to the brands that support these crazy projects @LaSportivaNA, @Chaski.Endurance, @BlackDiamond, @MountainHardwear, @GuEnergyLabs, @Julbo_eyewear

And thanks to all of you who have followed along and sent love and good vibes from around the world.