FKT: Wyatt Stevens - Crazy Mountain Loop (MT) - 2022-07-07

Route variation
Standard loop
Gender category
Start date
Finish date
Total time
5h 20m 31s
GPS track(s)

I was a bit surprised at the end to see the time on my watch, after a similarly impulsive start to this adventure as Jeff's, I didn't really have it in my mind to be speedy. But, sometimes that's how these things go! Stoked on the loop, super fun tour through the Crazies, a range which I've had a long affinity for. Got to enjoy the last bits of snow, and had the trails to myself. I got off route at least once on a game trail below Campfire Lake, and 2 other times trying to befriend some mountain goats. Short detours, but they certainly added time/distance rather than decreased it. 

Based on my low energy/fitness going into this, and the aforementioned detours, I feel good saying that there is a lot of time left to be taken off this one, a concerted effort would go sub-5 without much trouble. Go get it!