Podcast: Episode 102: Milner Pass to Berthoud Pass - Nick and Ryan go really high, really fast


Dang - Milner to Berthoud is the last big route I always intended to do myself!  It's that good, that big of a prize.  Justin Simoni finally accomplished it, then 19 days later Nick Pedatella and Ryan Smith crushed this huge route on the Continental Divide in Colorado.

"It seemed right on the edge of feasibility - that's what attracted us to it."

Staying on the crest, they summited 50 named peaks all over 12,000' high, including plenty of 4th class and some 5th class scrambling.

"We didn't see a tree for two and half days!"

"You can't make a mistake - you have to pay attention all the time."

The duo went Unsupported, non-stop, through two days and two nights.

"It is definitely a great route! Very challenging in many ways, and pushed us right to the edge."

Ryan and Nick tell us about their gear and food choices, important info for a route this challenging.

Full CV

Nick Pedatella

Ryan Smith

  • Age: 41
  • City: Boulder, Colorado
  • Family: Wife and daughter
  • Occupation: Software Engineer
  • Running/Sport Highlights:
    • Co-founder of the Rocky Mountain Runners
    • 2019 Leadville Champion
    • 2017 World Trail Championships silver medal with Team GB
    • 3rd fastest time on the Bob Graham Round
    • 8th place at the 2015 UTMB
  • Social - - -
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