Podcast: Episode 108: Zoë Rom - The inside scoop from an Editor at Trail Runner Magazine


Zoë is a podcast host (see link in her CV below), has graduate degree in Environmental Journalism, and could be a public speaker - you should listen to this one!

"It's a tough time to be an independent publisher. I urge people, if there's something you like, you should absolutely become a supporter.  It's not enough to just enjoy what we enjoy, we must become mindful consumers."

And her insights on technical FKTs is a must listen:

"I have a higher tolerance for exposure than I do for choss ... as long as it isn't moving underneath me, I'm OK."

Mentioned in this podcast is the convo we had with Courtney Dauwalter.

"What brings joy into your life? Find a way to help keep it going."

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Full CV
  • Age: 27
  • City of residence: Carbondale, CO
  • School: English Major (ecopoetics!) at the University of Arkansas;  Environmental Journalism University of Colorado
  • Work/Occupation: Former Producer/Peporter/Morning Edition host at Aspen Public Radio; current Editor/Writer/Podcast Producer at Trail Runner Magazine
  • Family: Partner, TJ
  • Sports Highlights - - -
    • FKTs on Capitol Peak, Buffalo River Trail
    • 1st Crested Butte 100
    • 2nd Grand Traverse Mountain Run
  • Social Media - -
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Love this interview!  Everything y'all talked about resonated with me, thank you for a great listen.