Podcast: Episode 112: Allison and Ben: Is FKT.com better than Match.com?


Allison Mercer is our Social Media Coordinator.  She and Ben Mercer met on the trails, she admired his FKTs, so they got married and now have set some together!  In October they did the Georgia segment of the AT together, Unsupported, finishing it in "a Michael Jordan time of 23:23!"

Allison also answers all your questions submitted on the Contact Form.  So we quizzed her on the spot with actual questions that have been submitted!  How did she do?

Hello, just wondering if there is an FKT for just the Blue Ridge Parkway 469 mile ride? 

A couple water skied 62 miles across northern Lake Michigan. Is this an FKT?

Route name: London Monopoly Board Run.  Will this be added as a route?


If I get water from a gas station, is it still an Unsupported run?

Listen to find out her answers.  (Hint: she got every one right).

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