Podcast: Episode 124: Valentine's Day Special! Cody Lind and Brittany Peterson


What's it like to run long and hard, as a couple?  Is it easier or harder; more fun or a struggle?

Host Hillary Allen speaks with Brittany Peterson and Cody Lind, who as a team set a big FKT on the Superior Hiking Trail last year, bettering the previous Male time by 18 hours and the Female by over 2 days.

"Western States will be interesting - she'd like me to pace her, and I'd like her to pace me!" - Cody

Don't miss what's coming next for this dynamic duo:

"There's a route here in Idaho - I don't want to give away Cody's secret - but it's an FKT waiting to happen." - Brittany

 "FKTs are such a fun process, of being creative, then putting it out there to see who goes after it!" - Brittany

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Full CV

Cody Lind

  • Age: 25
  • City: Pocatello, ID
  • Occupation: Endurance Coach for Gauge 20 Running 
  • Family: Brittany and 3 pups :-) 
  • Sports Highlights - - -
    • 2021 Bandera 100k-Overall 1st Place 
    • 2020 310 mile Superior Hiking Trail Fastest Known Time – 4day 9hrs
    • 2020 The Coastal Challenge Costa Rica 6 Day 160 Mile Stage Race- Overall 1st Place 
    • 2019 Run the Rut 50K- Overall 1st Place 5:29
    • 2018 Fastest Known Time Idaho 12ers 20:23:26 
    • 2018 Sky Running World Series Final Results- Overall 8th Place
    • 2018 Sky Running World Series Tromsø Skyrace 57k-Overall 5th Place 
    • 2017 Extreme Sky Running World Series Final Results- Overall 6th Place  
    • 2016 Asia Sky Running Championships- Overall 5th place 5:59
    • 2016 U.S. Sky Running Series Final Results- Overall 2nd Place
    • 2015 U.S. Sky Running Series Final Results- Overall 2nd Place
  • Social Media - - -
    • ‘Gram: lindcody
    • Facebook: codylind
    • Strava: Cody Lind 
    • Website: g20running.com

Brittany Peterson

  • Age: 34
  • City of Residence: Pocatello, Idaho 
  • Occupation: Occupational therapist (faculty in OT assistant program); Coach 
  • Family: 3 furr babies; 2 Huskies and a Pitbull 
  • Sports Highlights - - -
    • 2020 Superior Hiking Trail FKT
    • 2020 Mount Borah Summit FKT; Mount Borah car to car FKT
    • 2019 2nd Western States Endurance Run
    • 2019 1st Bandera 100k
    • 2019 4th Tromso Skyrace
    • 2018 3rd in Skyrunner World Series
    • 2018 1st Pirin Ultra Skyrace
    • 2018 3rd Tromso Skyrace
    • 2018 3rd Glen Coe Skyrace
    • 2018 4th Kima Skyrace
    • 2018 4th Transvulcania 
    • 2018 2nd Way Too Cool 50k
    • 2017 3rd Speedgoat
    • 2017 2nd Rut 50k
    • 2017 5th TNF 50M
  • Social Media - - -

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