Podcast: Episode 125: How To Prepare For Cold Weather Adventures - with Dr Teddy Bross


Dr Teddy Bross has finished seven 100 mile races (and 12 of the Nolan's 14 summits :-), and is a physician.  Host Hillary Allen asks him for his best advice to manage your long projects in the winter.

"The R2R2R.alt is probably too short a swim to develop hypothermia, but is a perfect scenario for 'cold shock'."

Teddy confirms Rob Krar's theory (previous weeks podcast), that rather than taking the time to change in and out of a wetsuit, it was more important to get warm immediately once out of the water by putting on an insulated puffy jacket and getting moving.

"Moving your body by immediately moving is great.  But it is depleting glycogen stores, so dehydration and bonking cannot be overlooked."

People die from hypothermia. Listen to Dr Bross's advise so you're not one of them!

CORRECTION: In the podcast, Dr Bross says "when the body temperature falls below 35C one becomes hypothermic".  Then we guessed that was 90F - which is incorrect - 95 degrees fahrenheit is the correct conversion.

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Keep wearing that facemask - Courtesy is Contagious

Full CV

Teddy Bross

  • Age: 31
  • City: Boulder, CO
  • Occupation: Family Medicine Resident Physician, Post-Graduate Year 3
  • Family: Girlfriend, Hailey Holland
  • Sports Highlights - - - 
    • 100 mile finishes: Leadville Trail (2013), Western States Endurance (2017, 2019), Tahoe Rim Trail (2014), The Bear (2015), Cascade Crest (2017), Run Rabbit Run (2018)
    • Nolan's 14 DNF (12 peaks summited, 2020)
  • Social Media - - -
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