Podcast: Episode 169: Peter and Allison: 2021 Year In Review


Our Co-Founder and our Director of Community Partnerships gives us the scoop - - -

PB: "Races are resuming so FKTs are coming in at a more manageable rate. The UK has a very strong tradition so a lot of action there, including in winter.  Australia is active as well."

AM: "It's been an amazing year!  We forget that Rob Krar and Mike Foote did R2R2R.alt almost a year ago. Then Stringbean beat the AZT by 3 days after temporarily quitting due to snow."

FKTs are now a standard part of the sport.  The term is used all over the world, the same in every language, pro runners go for FKTs like they would a race, and we all can participate ourselves.

PB: "You can - and should - find what is meaningful to you."

AM: "I love FKTs!  I met my husband doing them, and am continually amazed and what people come up with."

Their advice?

PB: "Learning and growing is fun. That's probably how I got into this."

AM: "Do your homework."

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Full CV

Allison Mercer

  • Age: 38
  • City: Atlanta, GA
  • Family: middle child of three girls; married to Ben Mercer
  • Occupation:  Amazon Project Manager by day; FKT Community Manager at night
  • Sports Highlights - - -
  • Social Media - - -
    • Strava:  Allison Mercer 
    • ‘Gram: @onewomandanceparty
  • FKT Social Media - - -

Peter Bakwin

  • Age: 59
  • City: Boulder CO
  • Family: Stephanie, Nellie (the cat)
  • Occupation: gadfly
  • Sports Highlights - - -
    • I think I did something, but it's so long ago even I can't remember
    • Lately specializing in plus-sized linkups in the Flatirons because no one else seems willing to do them
    • I can ride a unicycle
    • I commute everywhere on a One-Wheel
    • (Editors addition: 26 FKTs)
  • Social Media .... nah

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