Podcast: Episode 170: Hillary Allen - What's new with the 'Hilly Goat' ... and the rest of the world?

Photo: Bryon Powell


We catch up with the "indomitable force" for a quick introduction to the upcoming Fastest Known Time Of the Year award, and more.

"This is my favorite time of the year!  We get to discuss all the cool FKTs."

But first, we delve into the wonderful world of gravel-bike racing.  Many runners got into SkiMo, which we've discussed here, but now the new cross-training sport is gravel riding. 

"I got into cycling after an injury, and now I love it.  It's so fun.  And so easy on your body - you can ride all day, and the next day you feel fine."

We discuss the 'super bowl' of gravel racing, Unbound Gravel, in Emporia Kansas.

"It was really hot, and windy, and sunny ... it was carnage out there ... riders were flopped out the shade on the side of the road."

"There was this guy drafting me, and he wouldn't come around.  He just wouldn't take a pull.  So I started crying. That's what you do, right?  He finally comes around, then doesn't do anything, so he's actually slowing me down.  So I pass him back, and this time pull away, still crying."

"That's what endurance sports are.  It's so incredible what the body can do.  And the mind."

Rob Krar on the Tonto Rim, "Hole to Hump" in the Grand Canyon, and why there are many FKTs in the UK but few in France ... this is a fun conversation.

And lastly:  Buzz propositions Hillary live on air!  What was her response?

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Full CV

Hillary Allen

  • Age: 33
  • City: Boulder, Co
  • Occupation: Athlete, author, running coach, science teacher, podcast host
  • Sports Highlights - - -
    • 11/2021 Madeira Island Ultra Trail, 115km - 1st
    • 10/2021 Broken Arrow Skyrace, 52km - 3rd
    • 8/2019 UTMB TDS - 2nd
    • 6/2018 Lavaredo Ultra Trail, 48km - 1st
    • 9/2015 Run The Rut, 50km - 2nd
  • Social Media - - -

Buy her book:  "OUT AND BACK: A Runner's Story Of Survival Against All Odds"
"Powerful and affecting. Hillary is an indomitable force." —Dean Karnazes

Mentioned on the podcast:  Photo that would win "FKT Photo Of the Year" award.

More of Hillary:  Podcast 135, discussing her new book.

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