Podcast: Episode 172: FKTOY #5 and #4 Awards Announced

End of Year

#5 Female: Addie Bracy and Corey Conner

FKT: Grand Canyon R2R2R (AZ)

Time: 08h 06m 41s

Notes:  Unsupported quick double crossing of the Grand Canyon; a Premier Route.

Athlete Comments: "Corey) "This was the longest run of my life by 3 hours! I was so scared my teeth were chattering. I may have over-compensated, because I ate and drank so much at the beginning I had to relieve myself 5 times in the first hour.  But that meant I felt strong on the brutal climb out at the finish."

#5 Male: Pawel Szafruga

FKT: Colorado Fourteeners (CO)

Time: 43d 6h 49m 34s

Notes: He not only climbed all 58 summits over 14,000' high in Colorado (Premier Route), but hiked between them all with no support.

Athlete Comments: "I sprained an ankle so had to take a half day off. Unfortunately that was in Aspen, where the hotels were the most expensive. My budget was like a Little League team.  Fortunately, gas station food can be pretty good."

Previous Podcast: https://fastestknowntime.com/podcast/157-pawel-szafruga

#4 Female: Brooke Thomas

FKT: Te Araroa (New Zealand)

Time: 57d 12h 16m 0s

Notes: This route traverses the entire country North to South, coast to coast!  Includes 150km of kayaking.

Athlete Comments: "Logistics were by far the hardest part. My parents supported me, but 2/3 of the time I was by myself, and once I had 8 straight days out with no Support.  I didn't mash myself, and enjoyed every day, even though some were really hard, and I didn't know how to kayak. All your lows become your highs."

#4 Male: Joe McConaughy

FKT: Arizona Trail (AZ)

Time: 14d, 3h, 21m, 0s

Notes: Supported; encountered deep snow, quit, re-started. 2d 19h faster than previous.

Athlete Comments:  "This is an epic 800 mile trail; the most bang for the buck of anything I've done.  You think Arizona you think desert, but there's a ton of vert, and I almost got snowed out. Seek out the adventures that matter to you."

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Full CV

Addie Bracy and Corey Conner

  • Name: Addie Bracy
  • Age: 35
  • City: Denver, Colorado 
  • Occupation: Sport Psychology Consultant - Strive Mental Performance; Coach - Sharman Ultra Coaching
  • Sports Highlights - - -
    • 3x Olympic Trials qualifier (marathon and 10k in 2012, marathon in 2016)
    • 3x USATF Women's Mountain Runner of the Year
    • 3x USATF National Champion ( 2x Mountain Running, 1x Trail Marathon)
    • 2nd place 2018 Leadville 100; 1st place 2021 RRR 100
  • Social Media - - -
    • Strava: @addiebracy
    • ‘Gram: @addiebracy
    • Twitter: @addiebracy  
  • Name: Corey Conner
  • Age: 31
  • City: Denver, CO
  • Family: Very single
  • Occupation: Oncology Clinical Research Coordinator
  • Sports Highlights - - - 
    • 2x NCAA D1 All American
    • Competed in 7 NCAA National Championships 
    • 2x Penn Relays 5k Champion
    • 2019 Trail World Championships Team USA
  • Social Media - - -
    • ‘Gram: @corey_conner_

Pawel Szafruga

  • Age: 35
  • City: Fruita, CO
  • Occupation: Self-employed; build camper vans; www.primevans.com, Instagram @prime_vans
  • Family: Girlfriend, dog; and sister and parents. 
  • Sports Highlights - - -
    • I've climbed a lot of 5.13 but since 2018 have had trouble progressing between injuries and too much work
    • I did the Elk Range in a single push back in 2018, and in 2019 I did the Chicago Basin 14ers in a single push sans train
    • I ran a couple marathons before my knees started bothering me
    • CO 14ers thru-hike
  • Social Media - - -
    • Strava: I have an ancient Strava account out there somewhere but haven't used it in a long time
    • Facebook:
    • ‘Gram: @projectofscience

Brooke Thomas

  • Age: 33
  • City: Queenstown, New Zealand
  • Occupation: Registered Nurse
  • Sports Highlights - - -
    • Fastest Known Female, Te Araroa Trail (3000km, 80,000m vert - 57 days, 12 hours, 7 minutes), Jan 2021
    • Female Course Record, Crush The Cargill 24 hour race NZ, (136km, 9,300m), Dec 2021
    • 2nd Female, Three Peaks 55km Challenge, NZ, March, 2021
  • Social Media - - -

Joe McConaughy

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