Podcast: Episode 180: New Ownership!


BIG NEWS:  We have sold Fastest Known Time to Outside Inc, the publisher of iconic magazines such as Trail Runner, Climbing, Backpacker and of course Outside.  Buzz, Peter and Jeff are very happy with what we created, and are very grateful to all of you that have cared and supported our work so that it is now an integral part of the sport of running, utilized by a worldwide community.  

Most importantly, the community itself will be very happy to know that Outside is bringing a massive amount of knowledge, passion, and resources to greatly improve the services and features of this website, in a way we could not do.  This is great news!

In next week’s podcast you will hear directly from folks on the Outside team who care deeply about our community. As trail runners, backpackers, and multi-sport athletes themselves, they’re passionate about maintaining (even improving!) our governing and record-keeping processes while applying their backend expertise to make our web-based experiences and features even better. Stay tuned.

So this week's podcast is a special wrap-up.  It’s our longest ever, but we had fun stories to tell and many great people wanted to share their thoughts directly with you.  Enjoy!

Peter and Buzz

Why did this all get going anyway?
"Outside is a perfect fit. I feel quite complete." 

Peter and Jeff (co-founders)

Stories from starting the website (and Jeff refusing to divulge his Marathon PR)
“The new website went live March 27, 2018, so this is just about 4 years."

Allison Mercer (Community Partnerships)

An important tip on how to get a job in the outdoor industry:
"In business, life, or FKTs, you just stay persistent, and it pays off!  Helping people has been a great experience."

Hillary Allen (co-host)

Our sometimes Co-Host lights it up with her stories and laughter:
“Creativity is such a big part of this. And the FKTOY Award is my favorite time of the year!"

Jared Campbell

The only 3-time finisher of Barkley shares thoughtful perspectives:
“You gave this framework/creation to world, and it kept us all a little more sane."

Anton Krupicka

Our only 3-time podcast Guest tells what FKTs mean to him:
“The one word that comes to my mind is ‘Inspiration.’"

Buzz (solo)

Final thoughts (very brief; thank goodness):
“I was never lonely when hosting this podcast. I always felt like I was with a group of good friends."


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Outside announced laying off a number of people and cites cutting some services. Fingers crossed you guys are not going to be affected?