Podcast: Episode 77: Lightweight Gear: tips for best results from Andrew Skurka and Alan Dixon


Going lightweight saves a ton of energy, but how best to do that?  

"People pack for their fears"

Andrew Skurka was a National Geographic Adventurer of the Year, and created monster routes, such as the Great Western Loop and Alaska-Yukon Expedition. He now runs a guiding business (when not racing Marathons), with 29 trips this year alone. 

Alan Dixon is an engineer and adventurer who helped co-found Backpacking Light, and will be a guide on three Andrew Skurka Adventures this year.

These two really know the drill!  Interestingly, they both say how you use the gear is more important than the gear itself.

"Test what your gear is capable of - in your backyard, not while attempting your project"

"Mentorship is the best - social media often is a terrible source of information"

Andrew and Alan listed the gear that has changed the sport in the last 5 years, including:

"Instead of fear, what if we asked: “What amazing things are going to happen, and how much am I going to enjoy it?”  That will lead to a more enjoyable and successful trip."
- Alan Dixon

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