Podcast: Episode 17: 2018 Special Wrap-up with Peter Bakwin, Clare Gallagher, and Tony Krupicka

FKT Podcast - 2018 Wrap-up with Anton Krupicka, Clare Gallagher, and Peter Bakwin
End of Year

What was the preeminent FKT in 2018? What inspired you the most? What are your predictions for 2019? Tony, Clare, and Peter answer these questions and more!

"Nick Elson on Half Dome and Joe Grant's Nolan's - it's style versus pure performance."

"When the TNF50 was cancelled, the ladies really threw down - watching Ida, Sandi, and then Taylor in less than a week was really cool."

"Karel was super-rad - he cut the time by 10%, and didn't look like he was totally worked."

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