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Category: Person-Person

What is the difference between a "path", a "trail", a "way, and a "walk"?  And why does everyone say they are from "Great Britain" when there is not a country called that?  It's a little different over the pond - listen to Tim explain it all - coming from the birthplace of trail running.

"When the Romans arrived, they built trails starting right at the sea, and going east to west across the country.  It was their road system.  They are called National Trails, are still here, and you can still run them, two thousand years later."

Category: Person-Person

Listen to me horribly mispronounce Bart's name, his kind correction, and then Bart explain the situation in Belgium:

"Starting today, we have entered the 'Exit Strategy' in Belgium - groups of 20 can go for a run - but no competitions until at least 7/31."

Western Europe has a VERY organized trail running scene - routes not only have their own webpages, but are all are clearly marked and identified.  Bart explains the difference between "GR" routes, and the new "Extra Trail" designation.

Category: Person-Person

One of the best mountain runners in the world started as a Jiu Jitsu champion in Brazil.  Visiting New Zealand in 2006, she got involved with Kiwi adventure multi-sports, then ran a Half-Marathon in the mountains - in the exact same time as her previous best, set on a flat paved course.

"My family were fighters. Then I discovered mountains."

Category: Topics volunteer Craig Randall discusses with Buzz Burrell that this virus is not going away any time soon ... so what are we going to do about it?

"We put our own country into a medically-induced coma ... I think it's time to revive the patient."

The pandemic is certainly an enormous tragedy, which we fortunately took extreme action to limit.  And now two months in, we have learned a few things so we can correct some early misconceptions, and hopefully develop a sustainable plan.

Category: Person-Person

There was something wrong with our statistics: during April, there were 31 FKTs ... just from Connecticut! What's up with that? Turns out 7 were from ONE person?  Did Sarah Connor call the Terminator for help?

"There are a lot of people out there doing more impressive things right now; I'm just doing a lot of smallish ones. It's been fun!"

This is inspirational: you can be 100m runner and long jumper in high school, work at Starbucks in the morning, and set an FKT in the afternoon.  After your nap.  During a pandemic. 

Category: Person-Person

Marshall has been there, and been doing that for decades. His output, especially for the hugely long routes, is prodigious (think running across the US).  

"What I was doing was kicking back and having fun.  Showing people you can do more".

Category: Topics

Outdoor and running shops are closed!  Which is bad for us - but how about for the world's leading brand in mountain footwear? What does it look like from behind the curtain?

"It hurts. It's not easy right now. We hit the Pause button on our entire business in mid-March."

Jonathan Lantz is President of La Sportiva North America. This is a 93 year old company based in the Italian Dolomites. What does it look like over there?

Category: Person-Person

Karl was a mountain bike racer and working as a mountain guide on Kilimanjaro when his friends, noticing he was very fit, suggested he go for Kilian Jornet's FKT.  He asked,

"Who is that?  What is an FKT?"

Karl went up and back very fast - while wearing a bike jersey - and a new career was launched. That winter he prepared for Aconcagua, and heard Kilian was going also, who then set a new FKT.  When Karl heard the time, he thought,

Category: Topics

This is our most authentic podcast!  We recorded this in-person, sitting outdoors, while maintaining a 7' physical distance - those birds you hear chirping in the background are real!

And what could be more important to talk about right now?  Exercising outdoors is the single best thing you can do for your physical, mental, and emotional health ... AND ... we are in a pandemic, where safety (not just your own) is paramount, and physical distancing is the law.  How do we resolve this?

Category: Person-Person

Tyler ran the Olympic Trials Marathon, then went to Nepal to hike and relax. Then the global pandemic broke out. So he decided he might as well try the FKT for the Everest Base Camp run.

"I was over there, all races were being cancelled back home, so decided I might as well do something."

The fast road guy who had never run longer than 6 hours decides to run up to 17,598' and back.