Route: 6-Kuppen-Steig (Germany)

Submitted by PtrckNglhrdt on Sun, 09/19/2021 - 03:14pm
39.9 km
Vertical Gain
658 m

The circular hiking trail connects the towns of Neuhaus, Lauscha, Steinach and Steinheid. Six mountains, which are also called "Kuppen" in the language of the locals, give the path its name.  Each of the six peaks is over 800 meters high: the Bornhügel (846 m), the Pappenheimer Berg (834 m), the Große Tierberg (806 m), the Fellberg (842 m), the Kieferle (867 m) and the Rollkopf  (849 m). Climbing the hilltops is rewarded with unique views of a region that is rich in traditional craftsmanship.  Therefore, you should plan time for a visit to one of the numerous museums or the distinctive craft workshops. Glass production and Christmas tree decorations, sights worth seeing from porcelain and toy production as well as slate processing and gold mining are known far beyond the local borders.

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