Route: Acadia Mountain Marathon (ME)

Maine, US
22.2 mi

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Note that this is similar to, but longer than, the Acadia Traverse route.

First conceived and run in May 2017, the Acadia Mountain Marathon is 26.2 miles through the heart of the Acadia National Park. The course summits almost every major peak and passes some of the most beautiful lakes, views and trails on the east coast. Around 7000 feet of climb if you stay on course. The course is very technical and full of steep climbs but there are some great run-able sections depending your comfort with technical, steep single track.

Two drop bag locations at Jordan Pond and Cadillac. 

Run it yourself or join us for the ‘official - unofficial, non sanctioned’ third annual Acadia Mountain Marathon on May 11th 2019. Meet at Blackwoods campground Friday the 10th.

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We did this route over the weekend.  Took us 7:44 and it came out to 25 and change on the mileage.  We live here on the island so we've done a number of various routes crossing the full island and this spring doing all the peaks (Acadia Peaks Traverse) and did this one to capture the last ice free weekend of the season.  Beautiful day and solid route with 8500ft in climbing for 25 miles.  Captures some beautiful sections of the park.  Going down Beehive at the end is challenging with the crowds going up but otherwise a well designed route.  

Strava data:

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Looking over the Strava file, it doesn't look like this FKT time includes Cedar Swamp or the Beehive compared to the OG Acadia Mountain Marathon. Are there two different FKTs? 

Regional Editor Note: It does look like Brian Culmo, the current FKT holder, skips the out-and-back on Cedar Swamp Mountain and goes down the Gorham Mountain Trail instead of the Beehive.  This is according to the Acadia Mountain Marathon course map from the website.  The course looks like it does an out-and-back to below the summit of Halfway Mountain and then goes down the Beehive.  I am going to flag the FKT, contact Brian, and get a better .gpx file for this route.