Route: Adelaide 100 (Australia)

South Australia, AU
119.2 km

The Adelaide 100 will link up existing infrastructure, creating short distance links to create a 100km trail. Adelaide is renowned for its beautiful parks and reserves that encircle our city, enhance our suburbs, thread along our coast and feature throughout the hills. The trail will take in these beautiful areas.

The first post was installed in the Adelaide Hills, directing walkers along a short section of a road reserve along Monument Road between Norton Summit and Debneys Road.

The trail proposal involves key stakeholders like the Department of Environment, Water and Natural Resources (DEWNR), Foresty SA and numerous local councils.

Read more about the project, and the proposed Adelaide100 trail route at…/first-post-installed-adelaide-100-trail/

Luke Meyers ran the not-yet-completed route:

The still under completion "Walking SA" Adelaide 100 trail. Followed course as set out on website maps.
Course started at the Torrens River Outlet, West Beach SA. Follows the coastal paths through Glenelg, Brighton and down to Seacliff. Then up the Sea to Summit route through O'Halloran Hill, Sturt Gorge, and Belair NP then deviates through Mark Oliphant CP, Heathfield, Mt George, Carey Gully, Norton Summit, Morialta CP and Black Hill. Next is through Campbelltown and down the Torrens River through the city of Adelaide back to est Beach.

Some links with extra info below:[0]=68.ARAlKaGSbYQ7E2tPBSVTjWuNW5UA8iRQYSU_ueKamnU_RMPN-IyQDOa8UWYfqPOtaJPe-o_pf5X3nWYgZjmZ9oHhzfu6bTeYs5viw3zoA57MNwoD99w_XE1wl1MsttkhEYTpRxVE9NzMrPs0djkz4IXrYUop1xqpfgYHDhEm0QIwYq9QfvKCWLI799vVc2RFKryLnfskUTMQ1YY57WFX7DnOFsBsWWpWbvMIN45SXnJHVYs8wQrcwRFBMWYnnP9Bm_8Nm3igYL1vD_RQlrJINRPScOZL9nDkruyEfocJoU4Beiipaj2EfvcxUw0&__tn__=K-R

GPS Track


To anyone planning to do this route: as of October 2020, it has more and more official markers. It has also undergone slight modifications compared to the version ran by Marcus & Ryley on 2020-06-19. The up-to-date map is at Since there is almost no difference in overall distance, I would suggest running the official (hopefully final) version of the course for future FKT attempts.

Here's a list of places where to watch out for differences between the markings and the old GPS files:
- linear park near Lochiel park,
- bottom or Orchard track (use the small side trail, not the main track),
- gully Road Reserve to the beach in Seacliff,
- north of glenelg, along the Patawalonga river,
- netween Thorndon park and the linear park (on the left side of Fiffth Creek),
- linear park into Henley Beach (final stretch on the left bank).