Route: Alford Round (United Kingdom)

Submitted by Kevin Mottram on Tue, 05/18/2021 - 11:07am
United Kingdom
92.3 km
Vertical Gain
3,682 m

57 miles of trail, heather bashing taking in 39 hill tops and 12,200ft of ascent 

Optional Starting points Before the Don River crossing as per the route ran and detailed on the Scottish Hill runners website, Link to website below main text, this route started at the Don View carpark and finished with the river crossing.

Starting at Donview carpark (NJ 6722 1900) and climb up the first ascent to Millstone Hill climbing the ascent to Mithertap then cutting off the main track to Garbet Tap then double back to Mither Tap. It’s mostly trail from Mither Tap taking in Craigshannoch, Oxen Craig, Watch Craig, Hermit Seat, Black Hill Trig before joining the Gordon way to the first road crossing and drop bag or support point on the B992 road approx. 10.5 mile point.

The next section takes in Satter Hill, Suie Hill Cairn following the Gordon way to the next drop bag/support point at Suie road car park (NJ 5469 2319).

The following section takes in the following hills: Hill of Millmedden, Mire of Midgates, Dave's Hill, Badingair, Brux Hill, Edinbanchory Hill, Lord Arthur's Hill & Black Hill before the descent to the next road crossing and dropbag/ support point on the A944.

The climb up to Coiliochbhar Hill there's a field and fences to navigate before the ascent up the hill and heather bash to the top following the trail to Leslie Hill, from here you'll navigate a few more fields before the next dropbag point / support point crossing the road befor teh next ascent to Scare hill, The Socach, Passendye, Pittenderich & Long Hill then the short descent to the next road crossing at Slack Laybay on the A944 (drop bag/ support point).

Crossing the road for the climb up Craiglich, Course Hill (inaccessible top due to the dear fence) & then descending & following the narrow track onto the A980, head NE along the road approx. 300m to find the trail heading toward  Mill of Maud - this section you'll need to navigate through the thick forest to gain access to the hill. After following the descent and crossing a few fences and a minor road there will be a few fields to navigate to gain access the B9119, when on teh B9119 travel along easterly until the next drop bag/ support point (NJ 5919 0732). 

A short climb up to Tulloch hill to access Benaquhallie, Red Hill heather bashing towards Green Hill and further heather bashing to White hill and finish off with another Black hill before passing the quarry and descent onto the B993 and then heading toward Alford 1.2k for the next dropbag support point at NJ 6352 1309, the last support point before the finish.

The final hill section takes in the Pitfichie hills and the granite stone slabs, quite tough underfoot due to the area being used for mountain biking, white lady, Green Hill, Cairn William and finally Pitfichie hill sees the final descent down the mountain bike track onto the logging road through carpark then onto the road heading N/E cutting a right down a drive way past a few houses before accessing the river for eth river crossing 

Plan your run taking into consideration the water height, you may need a rope, poles and or support, there are bridges further down the river to access these will add distance/time onto your journey. after crossing the river head back to the Donview carpark (NJ 6722 1900) which completes the Alford Round).


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