Route: Alpine Lakes Grand Tour (WA)

Washington, US
81.2 mi

Submitted by Christof Teuscher:

The Alpine Lakes Grand Tour is a 75+ miles route that starts at Snoqualmie Pass, leads through the magic Alpine Lakes Wilderness, and ends at the Snow Lakes trailhead just outside of Leavenworth. The route has about 22,000+ feet of elevation gain. It was initially proposed by Erich Sach as part of the 2014 UltraPedestrian Wilderness Challenge (UPWC, and has been part of the annual UPWC since then. For more info at

- Start: Snow Lake Trailhead (Snoqualmie Pass) 
- Get to the lake and head down to the Middle Fork trail. Take the trail up past the Hot springs to Dutch Miller Gap. 
- Continue towards Ivanhoe Lake to Waptus Lake, get on the PCT towards Cathedral Rock. 
- Take trail 1345 down to Tucquala Meadow Campground. 
- About 1 mile down the road (4330) is trail 1595 go up and over Paddy-Go-Easy Pass. 
- At French Creek head East on 1559 to 1558 head North to 1557 head up to Trout Lake. 
- Continue up to Windy Pass towards Eight Mile creek then a small section of road up to Colchuck Lake TH. 
- From the lake make your way up Aasgard Pass then enjoy the enchantments as you head back to ward Snow lakes and the trail head on Icicle Creek Road.

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