Route: Alta Via della Val Venosta / Vinschger Hoehenweg (Italy)

108 km

The Val Venosta Alpine Ridgeway (Vinschger Höhenweg) stretches from the source of the Etsch river on the Reschen Pass in bordering three countries area to Staven/Staben in the Lower Vinschgau valley. In addition to countless varieties of Alpine vegetation, the hike features countless panoramic views of the Sonnenberg and Ortler mountain ranges across six attractive stages. This multi-day tour in South Tyrol features 108 km of trails (comprising existing and newly created footpaths, parts of the Vinschgau Waalwege canal trails or even old connecting paths between traditional mountain farms). As the Alpine ridgeway is easily accessible from the villages in the valley, individual stages of the Val Venosta Alpine Ridgeway can also be completed as day trips. Each stage offers the hiker scenic, cultural and culinary enjoyment.

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