Route: Blue Mountains Express: Glenbrook Station to Mount Victoria Station (NSW, Australia)

Submitted by loumclifton on Sun, 08/16/2020 - 03:47pm
New South Wales, AU
83 km
Vertical Gain
2400 m

This route travels from the lower Blue Mountains to the top of the Blue Mountains, starting and finishing at the first and last train stations in the Blue Mountains council area: Glenbrook at 163m above sea level to Mount Victoria 1043m above sea level. The route we chose was mostly trails and fire trails and went via some of the key villages ratherr than across the valley: Glenbrook station to Woodford station via the Oaks firetrail; Woodford to Wentworth Falls via Ingar firetrail (and single trail around private property so not to trespass!). Wentworth Falls (Hordern Rd, Rocket Point, Conservation Hut (then small detour as track closed) to Lilians Bridge and Leura via Fairmont Resort. Cliff top track from Leura to Katoomba (Prince Henry Cliff track to Echo Point and then on to Katoomba falls reserve. Around the oval, bush track to Katoomba Aquatic Centre then Narrow Neck road to ExplorersTree. Bike path from Katoomba to Medlow Bath and Blackheath (past both stations) finishing at Mount Victoria station. We had slightly different distances on out watches 80-83km and around 2,400m elevation.