Route: Borkum Inselumrundung

Submitted by Steffi on Sun, 05/29/2022 - 05:08am
24.7 km

Run a loop around the island of Borkum (excluding the port/Reede)! As some of the route is run along the beach, please check the tides - it would be very hard to run this at high tide as the sand will be soft! 

You can start anywhere along the way - this description is for a start at Südstrand, as that is where we set off. The first part of the run is along the promenade before going down to the beach (roughly where the new lighthouse is). The route then goes up to the dunes again, and where the dune path ends, you run along the beach until you reach the (signposted) Wanderweg through Hoge Hörn. The trail through Hoge Hörn was quite rough when we ran it, but you'll soon reach a paved path again that takes you onto the Neue Deich. Run all the way along the dyke, enjoying the views of the Wadden Sea along the way, until you reach the road/train tracks. Cross the road and the train tracks and go onto the path through Greune Stee (we initially intended to take the first left to include the new Loopdelenweg, but unfortunately it was impassable due to mud from a downpour, so we decided to go through Greune Stee instead). Turn left for a very nice single trail through Greune Stee that takes you back to the Südstrand and to our starting point.