Route: Broad Fork Twin Peak (UT)

Utah, US
5.3 mi

Start at the Ferguson Canyon Trailhead, the trail follows the small creek bed past several climbing crags, crosses the creek multiple times, then at 1.2mi it exists the creek bed left (NW). Take the critical right turn at 1.5mi (otherwise you will end up at an outlook). Continue up the steep scrubby trail as it becomes increasingly less travelled, through a grove of trees at 2.6mi, and encounters a boulder field at 3.4mi. Follow the boulder field SW then S then up the steep forested slope that lead to a saddle. On the saddle, head E up the ridge on a shale slope, to a 5th class scramble to a peak. Follow the ridge line E through multiple minor peaks and technical terrain, then SE up the ridge to the East summit of Broad Fork Twin Peaks.

GPS Track