Route: Cascade Volcanoes (CA, OR, WA, BC)

Submitted by benc141 on Mon, 10/25/2021 - 10:57am
Washington, US
California, US
Oregon, US
British Columbia, CA

Summit all the volcanoes of the Cascade Range! Includes 20 volcanoes in the Pacific Northwest stretching across BC, Washington, Oregon, and California. 

  • Mount Adams (12,276 ft)
  • Mount Bachelor (9,065 ft)
  • Mount Baker (10,778 ft)
  • Broken Top (9,175 ft)
  • Mount Garibaldi (8,787 ft)
  • Glacier Peak (10,541 ft)
  • Mount Hood (11,239 ft)
  • Mount Jefferson (10,497 ft)
  • Mount Lassen (10,457 ft)
  • Little Tahoma Peak (11,138 ft) 
  • Mount McLoughlin (9,495 ft)
  • Mount Rainier (14,411 ft)
  • Mount Shasta (14,162 ft)
  • Mount St. Helens (8,365 ft)
  • Mount Thielsen (9,182 ft)
  • Three Fingered Jack (7,841 ft)
  • Three Sisters, North Peak (10,085 ft)
  • Three Sisters, Middle Peak (10,047 ft)
  • Three Sisters, South Peak (10,358 ft)
  • Mount Washington (7,794 ft)

These range from hikes to serious glacier travel and can be attempted in any order. This specific list was established by the Tacoma branch of the Mountaineers and an award of recognition is given by the club to those who complete it.

Time is total elapsed time from the first trailhead to the last.


You could quibble that Garibaldi is north of the Fraser River and thus technically not part of the Cascade Range, or that Little Tahoma is not actually its own volcano, but I think the list is fine. Garibaldi gets in because it's a volcano created by the same general geological action as all the others, and Little T gets in because it's a good peak and not one of unreasonably difficult volcanic subsummits like Lincoln Peak or Assassin Spire. Ultimately I think the most important question is "does the list make sense", and this one does. The Tacoma Mountaineers put together a good list and I'm happy to use it.