Route: Catskill High Peaks (NY)

New York, US

The Catskill High Peaks are 35 summits that meet the following criteria:

* Over 3500'

* Separated by at least 0.5 miles

* At least a 250' drop between the peak and any other peak on the list

The highest is Slide Mtn, at 4180'.

The challenge, as set forward by "Cave Dog" Ted Keizer, is to climb them all in "one continuous footpath" (i.e., no vehicular transport between trailheads - essentially a thru hike of the 35 High Peaks).

Mike Siudy gave the following additional information:  This route traverses over the 35 summits over 3500 feet in the Catskill Mountains. It is approximately 140 miles long with around 38,500 of ascent. There is about 80 miles of rugged trail, 40 miles of off trail bushwhacking requiring near constant navigation, and 20 miles of pavement to connect the peaks.

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