Route: Cross Norfolk on Trails (United Kingdom)

Submitted by philwhiting on Sun, 09/20/2020 - 11:17am
United Kingdom
98.64 mi
Vertical Gain
2,238 ft

Starting at the signpost outside Great Yarmouth Station, follow Wherrymans Way in it's entirety to Norwich.  At Norwich follow the riverside walk through the city to join Marriotts Way at Barker St (Halfords) roundabout.  Follow Marriotts Way out to Lenwade, where you can join Wensum Way.  Wensum Way all the way to Gressenhall.  From here Nar Valley Way all the way through to Kings Lynn.  The finish is signpost on the quayside.  Don't forget to check Reedham Ferry is operational as you'll need to cross the river!

It is only recently that the Cross Norfolk route has become viable, with the linking of the 3 main trails.  Wherrymans way is a pleasure to run, through the broads and small villages, Norwich is a welcome change from trail running and a good opportunity to re supply.  Marriotts Way hints at the local industrial heritage and is a hard packed runnable trail.  Wensum way is a joy, especially on a summers evening as the trail follows the meandering river.  Nar Valley is more of a challenge and will test your resolve, the route is not well walked in places and can be hard to follow.  Eventually Kings Lynn comes into view.