Route: Dava Way (Scotland, UK)

United Kingdom
38.1 km

The Dava Way is a long distance footpath in ancient Morayshire, now the Moray and Highlands region of north-east Scotland. The path links the historic towns of Grantown-on-Spey and Forres. The total distance from the centres is 24 miles (38km), of which 22 miles (35 km) are in open countryside. Almost all of the route follows the old Highland Railway line and is off road and safe from traffic. Along its length it passes through a pleasant mix of farmland, woodland and moorland. Places on the route, or seen from, from start to finish include Grantown-on-Spey, the Lynmore Woods, the gap of Carn Luig and Carn na Croiche, Loch an Dunain, Heatherbell, Bridge of Dava, Knock of Braemoray, Auchlochan, Cairn Eney, Bantrach Wood, Sneishin Hill, Drumine Forest, Clashdu Wood, Bogawood Wood, Dallas Dhu Distillery, Sanquhar Loch and Forres.

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Hoping to run this route this weekend.

Is their currently no registered FKT for this route?!

Going to have a crack at this on Christmas eve, was planning to go North-South and finish in Grantown - which way did you guys run it? 

Ran it north to south. Sorry I never got a notification that you’d commented. Did you give it a go Ailsa ?

Hoping to run this on the weekend weather permitting!