Route: Delaware Crossing N-S (DE)

Submitted by mikewardian on Sat, 07/04/2020 - 04:09pm
Delaware, US
129 mi
Vertical Gain
1,000 ft

Crossing Delaware in the N-S direction, between the Delaware/Pennsylvania and the Delaware/Maryland border.  Mike Wardian provided commentary on the route he chose (see map), which is not the shortest possible route:

"This route seems to incorporate what Delaware has to offer, it starts at the top of the state in Wilmington which is one of the biggest cities, goes through the capital Dover, hits the farms (which are huge, corn, wheat, soybeans, chicken so many chickens, fruit) and then finishes at the beaches which is where everyone goes to enjoy the beautiful Atlantic Ocean coastline and nature. Also & primarily, it was chosen for safety, the straightest route was way way too dangerous, the roads on the most direct route don’t have shoulders or sidewalks, so after checking them and using Strava heat maps we decided it was best to add distance and go a bit farther. Believe me the extra 7 hours was no treat but so glad we did take the safest route as we still almost got hit on numerous occasions and even had a gun waved at us, crazy story. Anyhow, I think it would be the best route and safest route and if I was doing it again I would do the same route."


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