Route: Fireline: Keurkop - Cradock (South Africa)

Submitted by Thea-Mari on Mon, 11/23/2020 - 12:56am
South Africa
20 km
Vertical Gain
1616 m

The route starts at what is called the Sputnik, a radio tower at the top of the Outeniqua Pass.  It goes up onto the ridgeline, known as the Skyline, you follow this ridgeline in a Easterly direction to the summit of Keurkop.  This mountain has two summits, you have to summit both.  The route then goes down towards the Montagu pass.  From here you have to follow the Cradock Pass until you reach the neck, then you have to leave the path and start to climb up the mountain again in an Easterly direction.  Once you are on top of the ridge you will find a Bushpig scull lying on a rock, this is your marker that you are on the route.  You follow the ridgeline to the summit of Cradock Peak.  From here you drop down along the Eastern ridge of Cradock Peak to the Dizzy Heights path below.  You follow the path South East until you reach the bottom of Kransberg.  You have to summit Kransberg and come back down to the path that lead you there.  Now you follow that path South down to Tierkop hut, which marks the end of the route.