Route: Gerard Hiking Trail (PA)

Submitted by bradwingler on Tue, 06/16/2020 - 02:13pm
Pennsylvania, US
33.29 mi
Vertical Gain
5,482 ft

These are trails that the Oil Creek 100 trail race uses. There are 5 sections (1, 2, Wild Cat, 3, and 4.) I did the route by starting at the North end, starting at the Jersey Bridge parking lot, and ran south where the trail meets with State Route 8. The Oil Creek 100 race uses some parts of a local bike path and runs down to the Petroleum Center Park office and does not include the farthest 6 miles. The hiking trail does also not run down to the "Miller Farm bridge" at the end of section 3, but continues straight across the road and finishes section 4. The route begins when you enter the woods by the Jersey Bridge Parking lot and ends when you ext the woods at the end of section 4.

(9/23/2020: the distance has been updated from 30.62mi to 33.29mi per local information, which is reflected on the .gpx track "Gerard Hiking".)

GPS Track