Route: Główny Szlak Puszczy Kampinoskiej (Poland)

57 km
Vertical Gain
200 m

Submitted by Janek Kaseja:

Warsaw, Poland - west to the city we have National Park - dunes covered by pine tree forest, Kampinoski Park Narodowy. It is great recreational area that is not well explored by ultra runners. Can you believe that there was no available GPS track of the main route through the park? There were no reported runs along the route! It is time to change that! Many many ultra-trail runners live and train in Warsaw, as it is the capital city of Poland - Główny Szkal Puszczy Kampinoskiej (GSPK) is a prefect ultra distance training ground (57km) if you want to escape from the city noise, be on your own. I love it and I want to share that passion with others.