Route: Goat Rocks Peak Tour

Submitted by Kresser on Wed, 08/24/2022 - 12:55pm
Washington, US
32.5 mi
Vertical Gain
12,000 ft

The best loop tour of the non technical peaks in the Goat Rocks area.  The route takes you through the decomposing and rotting carcass of an ancient stratovolcano.  Summits Nannie Peak, Peak 7478, Ives Peak, Old Snowy Mountain, Peak 7210, Hawkeye Point, and the true summit of Goat Ridge.  The rest of the peaks (Big Horn, Goat Citadel, and Gilbert) are considered technical and reachable with a rope, so left out of this non technical tour. Lots of loose rock similar to the upper mountains on most of the Cascade Volcanoes, but the ridge is predominantly sidehilling unstable class 2 choss with the occasional class 3 move.

Starts and finishes at the Berry Patch TH, following the Klickitat Loop Trail to Walupt Lake (alternate Start point).  From there, the climbing begins.  Nannie Ridge gives you a good view of the day's adventure laid out before you, and afterward you'll pick up the PCT at Sheep Lake.  Soon after Cispus Pass, head off trail and climb up the meadowy basin (the head of the Cispus River) to the obvious saddle to the north.  From there, the heart of the ridge traverse is before you.  Stay to the SW side of the ridge typically for easiest travel, but stay on the ridge itself whenever possible.  The few class three moves are ascending/descending the top portion of Ives, and the rest of about 3 miles of gentle boulder hopping traversing.  I would recommend a helmet especially if you're in a party, as there is near constant rock movement, sometimes small, sometimes large.  Crampons/axe would be ideal for early season attempts.  The route rejoins the trail at Old Snowy and does out and backs to Peak 7210 on the PCT and Hawkeye Point.  Goat Lake and Hawkeye Point are two incredible spots worth taking a break at.  Don't forget the true summit of Goat Ridge, where you can have one last view of the entire range before dropping back to the trailhead shortly thereafter.

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