Route: Grafton-Dunham Loop (NY)

Submitted by jstookey on Tue, 09/15/2020 - 09:01am
New York, US
14 mi
Vertical Gain
1136 ft

The trails at Grafton Lakes State Park (near Albany) are some of the best in the area. They are technical but not terribly steep making them runnable from start to finish. The trails are easy to underestimate, some days leading to giving up in frustration partway through the run. On other magical days it’s possible to literally rise above the obstacles and fly through the woods letting your effortless speed smooth out the trail. The loop was inspired by a run Ethan K. had done here years ago. This route is the most obvious way to get the most out of the trails by running the circumference around Grafton Lakes and Dunham Reservoir, linking the two via a short road section while moving between the two parks. It provides excellent training for any trail run, technical or otherwise, and fills an empty spot on the FKT map that is definitely worthy of a bit of attention. You can find more information including trail maps here: