Route: Grande Anello dei Sibillini (Italy)

Submitted by Filippo Caon on Wed, 04/12/2023 - 05:50am
Macerata, IT
Ascoli Piceno, IT
Fermo, IT
Perugia, IT
125 km
Vertical Gain
5,500 m

The Grande Anello dei Sibillini (GAS) is a spectacular 125k (78 miles) multiday hike around the Sibillini Range, between Marche and Umbria, central Italy. The route is a single loop, extremely logical as legit FKTs, and the elevation gain is around 5500 meters (18.000 ft).

The loop normally starts in Visso (MC) and goes counterclockwise. The Sibillini mounts are extremely dry, hot in the summer and extremely windy and cold in winter. They are wild and not anthropized mountains, and after the Amatrice earthquake of 2016 remained few points of water, open refugees, and support points in general.

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