Route: Great Basin NP Traverse (NV)

Submitted by Sean Ryan on Mon, 10/04/2021 - 03:02pm
Nevada, US
32 mi
Vertical Gain
13,000 ft

Start at the northern border or Great Basin National Park, travel the ridge/crest of the Snake Range to the park's southern border, then traverse Highland Ridge Wilderness and end at the southern wilderness boundary.

No doubt, many have crossed this crest in a similar fashion, but it was a joy to dive into Caltopo and plan this line. To add to the traverse of the national park, we extended the route across Highland Ridge Wilderness, which seemed to be a logical place to end. Plus, when drawn on the map, it created a very satisfying visual across public lands. 

Even though park maps show several trails, the majority of this outing is off-trail, though most travel is fairly straightforward and non-technical. Overall, I would call the traverse a premium route on a wonderful crest that doesn’t see a lot of traffic or get a lot of love. 

Be sure to summit:
- Bald Mountain
- Wheeler Peak
- Baker Peak
- Pyramid Peak
- Peak 11,772
- Johnson Peak
- Mount Washington
- Lincoln Peak
- Peak 11,532


Full report and more photos HERE.