Route: Grenada Circumnavigation (Grenada)


Richard Clewes describes a 52 mile route that circumnavigates the island:

North from St. George’s at Bruce Street (intersection Sendall Tunnel) to Duquesne. Leave main road, traverse creek, ascend shoreline trail through forest then join Prospect Road at Petite Anse. Continue to Sauteurs. Take road to Morne Fendue. Continue to La Taste. Stop at the Roundabout; this is the halfway point of the route (26.2 miles/ 42.195 kilometres). 
From Roundabout to Tivoli to Grenville. Take east coast highway until Woburn cutoff. Take road to Morne Jaloux to Richmond Hill. Stop at intersection with White Gun Road. This is the finish of the route. Total distance: 52.4 miles/ 84.39 kilometres. 

12.051123, -61.7541902