Route: Grüner Ring, Hannover (Germany)

80 km

Not to be confused by a 100km route of the same name around Hamburg.

A 80 km roundtrip through the region of Hanover. You will discover Isernhagen, Langenhagen, Laatzen, Hemmingen, Seelze, Garbsen, Sehnde, Ronnenberg and Gehrden. Enjoy the scenic and cultural diversity away from road traffic. Three different natural areas meet in the Hanover region: the north German flatlands, the glacial valley of the Leine and the foothills of the low mountain ranges. The 80 km long base ring leads you along the outskirts of Hanover, plus three surrounding and two inland loops. The tour through the most diverse landscape areas is characterized by objects painted blue. Look for blue stones, fences, or benches. It is not always possible to avoid that you sometimes have to stop or even lose your way. But orientation in the landscape is part of it and is integrated in the concept. Even though the route is a marked bicycle trail it is also suitable to run a long distance. Most of the track is made of dirt roads but there are paved tracks and also some short trails. Public transport takes you directly to the "Green Ring".

Nature lovers are spot on on the “Green Ring” - there are numerous lakes, nature reserves and a large number of animals: white storks, red kites, herons, deer and hares. The "Green Ring" connects several landscape areas. In the north, the route runs through the landscape of the northern German lowlands with Geest Hannoversche Moorgeest, Burgdorf-Peiner Geest) and moors. In the south it leads through the Loessbörde (Hildesheimer Börde, Calenberger Land). The valley of the river Leine runs in between.

--submitted by Bent Jakuboski

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