Route: Heathfield to Blackboys Circular (United Kingdom)

Submitted by perryruns on Sun, 08/30/2020 - 11:40am
United Kingdom
13 mi
Vertical Gain
1,121 ft

This trail follows quiet lanes, field and forest paths to the village of Blackboys. The return route is mostly through fields. The A267 is crossed twice, this is a busy road with fast moving traffic and great care is needed when crossing. On the way to Blackboys Possingworth Manor House is passed. Sadly this fine looking grade two listed building can only be viewed from the road. Blackboys is a small village that had links to the Charcoal burning industry, it is possible that the village got its name from the colour of the Charcoal burners when they emerged from the woods. After Blackboys the trail goes through Newplace House Farm and pass the large manor house with its lakes and waterfalls. Continuing, the walk goes through the village of Waldron with good views to the South Downs from the Church yard. The trail ends using the Cuckoo trail a surfaced path from Heathfield to Eastbourne.



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