Route: Heilbronner Weg (Germany)

24.4 km

The "Heilbronner Weg" between Rappensee- and Kemptner Hütte is the oldest and most famous ridgeway in the Northern Limestone Alps. It leads in above 2500 meters high over the main ridge of the Allgäu Alps. Narrow rock paths, ladders, bridges, rope-secured sections and breathtaking views give the "Heilbronner Weg" its unique character.

This route includes additionally the ascent and descent from the valley to the "Heilbronner Weg". The entire track is 25km long and has 1900m difference in altitude. 
Start and end point of the route are the final stops of the respective bus lines from Oberstdorf: "Alpe Eschbach" (bus line 7) and "Spielmannsau" (bus line 8).

The entire trail is well marked with signs and markings. The route includes challenging technical sections. A corresponding alpine experience is necessary.

Detailed information about the “Heilbronner Weg” can be found at:

The route is roughly as follows (may be run in either direction):

Starting point: Alpe Eschbach (bus stop) - Einödsbach - Petersalpe - Enzianhütte – Rappenseehütte - Steinschartenkopf - Bockkarkopf - Schwarzmilzferner – Kemptner Hütte – end point: Spielmannsau (bus stop)

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